Glenn is a proud graduate of our local public schools, and has worked with our kids in their classrooms as an officer. He understands the challenges our students and teachers are up against. Glenn believes every child deserves a safe environment to learn, and no teacher should have to pay for supplies out of their own pocket. He knows that vouchers are not the solution - they only drain much-needed resources from the very schools that need it most. Tennessee is currently 44th in public education spending. Glenn will lead the fight for fully-funded public schools.

As a Chattanooga Police Officer, Glenn has spent 25 years serving the communities he grew up in. While the privilege to serve these neighborhoods has been an honor, he is confronted every day with a harsh reality: the system is not working for our children or our community. Our jails are overcrowded with low-level offenders saddled with mandatory minimum sentences that offer little chance at rehabilitation. Far too many young people end up in the justice system and cannot escape a cycle of crime and poverty. Glenn will be ready on Day One to take the lead on common-sense reforms that will reduce recidivism and break the school-to-prison pipeline.


Glenn supports the expansion of Medicaid in Tennessee because everyone deserves access to affordable high-quality healthcare. Covid-19 has caused many people to lose their jobs, and along with their jobs, their employer-based health coverage. He will continue to fight to expand access to care for our residents and ensure that no hard-working Tennessean goes without the life-saving care they deserve. He also believes healthcare for veterans needs major reform and wants to fix long wait times, uncovered care, and unkempt facilities.

East Tennessee is a great place to live and raise a family, and our area is experiencing incredible growth. We have seen what’s happening in cities like Atlanta and Nashville - the cost of living is going up, but wages are not rising. We can do better. Glenn knows that every family that works hard deserves to earn a liveable wage and access to affordable healthcare. Glenn will work to ensure that our corner of Tennessee is attracting quality jobs,  and that our families can live healthy, productive lives. 

Dark money has had a pervasive impact on our political system for too long, and once Glenn gets to Nashville, he will immediately push for campaign finance reform. In the meantime, he will not accept money from corporate PACs . Glenn wants to be a candidate for the working people and will never be beholden to special interests.


Glenn received Moms Demand Action’s Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. While Glenn is a gun-owner, he feels that owning firearms demands a level of responsibility and he strongly opposes permit-less carry. He believes we must pass universal background checks, extend waiting periods between gun purchases, and supports a ban on bump stocks and silencers. Glenn also supports red flag laws that enable law enforcement officers to temporarily take firearms from those who are deemed a threat, a mandate on reporting lost or stolen firearms, and ensuring the ability of local municipalities to set their own firearm regulations.


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